First estonian self-made flying wing introduced

On the 2. of May 2009 a self-made flying wing was introduced in Ülenurme airfield (Estonia). The creator of this masterpiece is Peep Lauk, who has been busy with soaring over 27 years. (for additional information click "loe edasi")

Peep and his flying wing

This airplane which has taken over 11 years or 13000 working-hours is finally ready. The rare and unique type of glider has been born - flying wing. Horten type plane which wing span is 15 m is self made from scratch - only guidance system has some details from other gliders (mainly from Lak-12).

Flying wing at Ülenurme airfield

Plane with empty weight 360 kg has 2 about 17 h.p. engines, which make this glider self-launchable. Aircraft is able to fly from 70 km/h up to 250 km/h. On the speed 122 km/h the glide ratio is calculated to be 52. Min. sink speed is 0,58 m/s. First trial flights are soon to be seen and reverberated on this webpage.

In-depth info can be asked from the builder via e-mail: and more pictures can be found: